Which Windows

Which Windows

The windows on your home play an important part in its character. Although there are various features and designs offered to consumers these days, the material with which your homes windows were constructed should be the most important characteristic to be considered when determining which type of windows to purchase. The versatility, maintenance, and longevity of windows made from wood should be considered even though uPVC windows are becoming so popular.

Steel windows are also found frequently in older properties. They can be expensive but steel windows are a very good option. These metal windows should also be considered alongside the plastic and wood varieties.

Wooden windows are clearly more durable than those made from plastic, with some wooden windows lasting more than one hundred years. Steel windows also last a long time and are relatively inexpensive. In addition, weathering and damage that has taken place can often be repaired easily and inexpensively, while the same repairs are often so expensive or difficult that plastic widows are frequently discarded.

Some of the popularity of uPVC windows is due to the belief that plastic windows offer less maintenance than those made from wood. This is not the case, however. With many plastic windows often showing signs of weathering and deterioration after minimal use, a number of substances have even been created to reduce aging and discolouration in an attempt to help preserve them.

If energy efficiency in a consideration, the characteristics which actually affect the efficiency of a window should also be revealed. Although many people believe that plastic windows offer more efficiency than those made from wood, the actual material that window frames are made from actually hold little bearing on the window’s efficiency. Window glaze is probably one of the most influential characteristics which affect the efficiency of a window. When the frame of the window is to be considered, it is important to note the thermal efficiency of wood when compared with plastic as well. In addition, wooden windows are much more versatile with draft prevention methods.

Wood is a sustainable resource, making it better for the environment than plastic. As a product of the petrochemical industry, uPVC windows are not very environmentally healthy. When the proper products such as environmentally safe sealants, paints, and stains are used in combination with the construction, preservation, and maintenance of wooden windows, they are extremely environmentally friendly.

The financial aspects of purchasing and maintaining windows should be a factor when one is deciding on the type of window to purchase. Studies conducted by The Wood Window Alliance revealed that when wooden windows are compared with those constructed from plastic, the total cost of wooden windows is approximately 2-7% cheaper over the life of the windows.

It is important to remember that uPVC is not the only choice available when considering the replacement of your home’s windows. The cost, durability, and efficiency of timber and steel windows should be evaluated as well.

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