Ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Estate agents often advise homeowners who put their property on the market to give it a lick of paint, remove any clutter, install softer lighting and make each room more appealing to buyers.

But it’s easy to forget about the outside of the property, says London-based skip hire broker Proskips. This can be disastrous for two reasons:

  1. The outside also makes up part of the property that you are trying to sell, and
  2. A property’s kerb appeal can often make or break a viewer’s first impression of it.

First Impressions Count…

This may be an oft-quoted phrase, but it remains absolutely true. Kerb appeal is very important in the selling of a property, says London Bridge estate agent Williams Lynch.

Many of the properties that we sell in the shortest time are warehouse conversions that are attractive from the outside because of their industrial heritage as well as containing a host of modern, high-tech features in the living areas, says a spokesman for the business which covers a large part of the SE1 postcode area.

Even if the home you are selling is devoid of features promoting its heritage, how many times do you hear people saying that they just felt that the house was right for them?

People follow that feeling a lot more than the practical features of a property – such as proximity to the transport network, supermarkets or good schools – which is why you need to make sure that people feel the impact of your property from the outset.

How to make you home appealing from the outside

  • Firstly, get in your car and drive past your house. How is it looking? Have a look at it compared to other properties in the area. You need to make sure that it is the best looking one there. Try to look at it from an outsider’s point of view – what can be done to improve its kerb appeal?
  • First thing’s first, make it clutter-free and tidy – just like the inside of your house. You can hire a skip to get rid of any clutter and waste.
  • Neat lines make your home look neat and tidy. So try to cut back plants, hedges or fences to show neat lines, outlines of paths or driveways.
  • Clear mud off the pathways and driveways – it shows a lack of care, as well as helping people tread mud through your house.
  • A fence or other enclosure gives your home a sense of privacy.
  •  Is the paintwork in good condition and vibrant? If it is looking old and peeling, think about whether you should give it a lick of paint.
  • Mow your lawn and try to make any lawned area as healthy looking as possible.
  • Make sure that your front door can be opened easily and oil it if it squeaks.
  • Clear debris from any gutters.
  • Check that exterior lighting is working properly

Getting the outside of your home ready for selling doesn’t need to be a major work, just a little attention. But it is a little attention that can go a long way, says central London estate agent LDG. By making sure that you get the outside of your property looking great you should be able to create that excellent first impression and get a better offer in a short space of time.