Wasp Nests – Steps to Handling Them


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If you think that there may be a wasps nest on your property watch out. Disturbing a nest can result in painful stings or worse than that an allergic reaction which could be extremely painful.

The Early Signs You Have a Nest on Your Property

A wasp nest is made from wood and the queen’s saliva. She must chew the wood into a paste which she can then use to build the structure. The first signs you may have a queen building a nest are small white lines on places such your window frames, your garden shed or your fence panels. One might find a nest in places such as a loft or a shed but a hole in the ground is also an adequate location for the queen to begin building her empire and building an empire she most certainly is.

Under Construction – What to Look for Next

Needing a place to specific place to begin, the queen needs to look for a safe and solid corner to begin her work. A ceiling rafter, for example, is the perfect place for this. Firstly she builds a central stalk to construct the cells around; it is in these that she will lay her eggs.

Searching For a Nest

A wasp nest is grey in colour, a kind of concrete hue. It starts out around the size of a golf ball until it grows to look similar to bee nests. It is possible the wasp nest can grow to quite a size with the largest on record in Britain growing to an immense six feet by five feet. If you happen to spot a structure you believe to be a wasp nest, a helpful indicator is a swirling pattern around the nest’s shell. Depending on its size and how developed and protected it is, it may be time to call in the exterminators.

What To Do Next

It is probably prudent if the wasp nest has become something like full size to call in an exterminator. The local authorities will usually help, especially if the nest poses a specific danger to the householder. Safety first is a good rule of thumb.

Tackling the Nest Yourself

Should you wish to get rid of the wasp nest yourself there are several ways in which you can keep safe. Never attempt to dislodge the nest while upon a ladder, make sure you are wearing sufficient protection, taking extra care to protect the face. Plan your escape route in advance and make some shelter is close by should the wasps become more of a problem than you first anticipated. Wasps are highly aggressive in protecting their nest, they will attack any intruder who might pose a threat, it is vital that you are certain that the nest is manageable before you even think about dealing with it.


A wasp nest nearby or within your property is a huge nuisance and can also be a rather painful and dangerous one but the good news is the nest will not return the following year. Once the wasp nest has been dealt with you can relax and enjoy lunch in the garden again without being constantly accosted by these striped menaces.

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