Using a skip to get rid of rubbish

House clearance firm or DIY?

There are two options available to you if you need to empty a house completely in order to sell it, or if you are removing a large quantity of rubbish in the process of renovation. In these circumstances, your normal local waste disposal and recycling facilities will not be sufficient, so you will need either to employ a specialist house clearance firm, or do the job yourself by hiring a skip. You will definitely save money by doing the work yourself.

Getting a skip

You can find and book a skip hire firm in a number of ways. You may well get a personal recommendation from people you know who have used a local firm, or you can find a list in the telephone directory. There are also many businesses operating on the internet, and you can research, book and pay for the whole process online.

Can anybody get a skip?

You need to ensure that there is room in front of the house, and on the access road, to accommodate both the skip (which is large and heavy) and the big lorry which will deliver it and take it away. If space is restricted, you may be able to arrange for a smaller skip.

Skips and the law

Skips take up a lot of space, and there might not be room on your own property. In this case, you can seek permission from the local council to leave it on the road outside. This is not a complicated procedure and you may get assistance from the skip hire firm to do it.

What goes in the skip?

You can put anything in a skip, with the exception of some hazardous items such as solvents, asbestos and paint, and also tyres and some electrical items. You will get a full list from the hire firm, and you should seek advice from the local council on dealing with these items.

What are the disadvantages of skip hire?

Whilst a house clearance service will do all the carrying and loading, the manual labour involved in filling a skip is done by the hirer, and you can expect some heavy and messy work. Also, if your skip is accessible to the neighbours, it’s possible that some will see it as an opportunity to get rid of their own rubbish, or even a chance to salvage some of your former possessions.

What happens to the skip?

When the skip returns to the depot, the contents are sorted carefully and recycled wherever possible. As much as ninety per cent of the waste material is kept away from landfill, which is a much higher proportion than householders can usually manage with domestic recycling. For this reason skip hire can be seen as an ecologically sound way of disposing of unwanted items.

After the skip has gone

The responsibilities of the skip hire firm include sweeping up after the skip has gone and returning the site to its original condition. The hirer should be left with nothing more to do.

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