Storage Secrets to Help Boost your Property Value

Storage Secrets to Help Boost your Property Value

The most obvious ways of boosting property value include expensive interior renovations such as new kitchens or bathrooms, building extensions, or upgrading central heating or insulation.

An often overlooked but equally valid way of boosting perceived value, and achieving a quicker, higher offer, is by presenting a home that’s optimised for space and storage.

Sorting out storage is much cheaper than building extensions, and by cutting down on clutter and the number of possessions stored in the house, your home can give the illusion of being much bigger than it actually is.

Downscaling Possessions

This doesn’t mean getting rid of your treasured possessions and heirlooms, it means being a little more selective about what’s on display when viewers are coming round.

Furniture that’s too big for the room it’s in is as much a turn off for buyers as rooms that are piled with clutter. For the purpose of making a quick sale, think like a home stager and only have in any room those possessions that perfectly match the room’s use. It may mean finding somewhere other than the living room for the computer, or doing without a TV in the bedroom.

Decide which furniture you need to move out in order to create the right impression of scale and comfortable living, and invest in self storage to keep it secure and in good condition until your move. Because storage terms normally run weekly, you’re not tied into a long contract and can simply take as much or little time as you need.

Decluttering Your Space

Clutter creeps up on all of us. The tendency to hoard items, just in case, can cause overflowing cupboards to the extent that there’s nowhere to put everyday items. You have to be a little ruthless about things you’re hanging onto for no good reason, but the end result is worth the effort.

Don’t try and do it all at once. Taking decluttering slowly, room by room, gives you some thinking time and makes the job seem less overwhelming. If you struggle to make decisions, try creating three piles of items:

  • One for things you definitely don’t want (broken items, too-small clothes etc.)
  • One for things you definitely do want.
  • One for things you’re not sure about.

Deal with the first two piles straight away. You can put the things you want to keep back in the cupboard and throw away broken items. Leave the undecided pile alone for a while (maybe overnight or just for a few hours). When you go back to it you may find it easier to separate head from heart and make a better decision.

Finding New Ways with Storage

Having decided which items you’ll put in storage rooms and which ones you’ll keep at home, next comes storing and displaying to best advantage.

Open shelving is a fine alternative to a bookcase or display cabinet, with the added versatility that you can install it where you please, even into awkward corners or alcoves. Using space above head height pays dividends as this wall space is often ignored. The cramped space under the stairs is also ideal for shelves, helping to keep shoes or cleaning materials neat and tidy.

Storage furniture is a godsend for keeping control of gadgets and charging cables, and vintage wooden chests can double as seating, a coffee table or storage for linen, cushions or kid’s toys in the living room. Remember storage furniture in the bedroom too. Divan and ottoman beds provide convenient stashes for bed linen, towels or toys and games in children’s bedrooms.

If you thought boosting your property value depended on big investment, think again. Very often, the little things can work wonders too.