Sash windows and modern glazing methods

Traditional box sash windows

The UK has stylish windows that often enhance the windows of the Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian homes. This classic sliding design in wood window is the sash window.

UPVC the new sash design in windows

Over the years, the older wood version sash windows have worn out with use. Because of their poor quality, these windows began to be replaced with the newer version double sash UPVC style windows during the 60s, 70s, and even today.

Old window popularity rebounds

Individuals searching for the old style in new windows are replacing their older windows with the newer versions. New home construction is also using these newer versions of the old style. The newer windows offer the homeowner a new design and better material that is double-glazed. The popular old style is gaining with a modern material.

Sash window description

Often called a hung sash window in the United States, the sash window is a one or two panel of frame and glass that can move. These windows got this name because they can open vertically with the sliding motion of the panels.

Open or close

The choice to open or close the windows is enhanced by a top or bottom opening. Inside the glazed panel framework is a heavy counterweight. This is not visible because it situates inside the frame of the window close to the wall. This weight serves its purpose when the window chain or cord runs over the pulley on the top of the frame.

How to clean these windows

In the past, the sash windows were produced with a softer wood and only had one glazed glass. When washing or over time, these windows were suffering destruction due to rotting. The woodwork around the window and the frames would warp. The sash window offers the homeowner the ability to clean them easily due to the ability to slide the panels in different directions.

New and modern sash windows

Individuals are searching for both the newer UPVC style sash windows as well as the older style wood windows to place in homes. The original fittings are replaced leading to a greater market for the older windows. Individuals will locate these older windows and have them double-glazed by expert individuals. Retro fitting replacements is on the rise in the market place when sash windows come to mind.

Cords that do not break

The new cords include holding beads and integral excluders. The key operational locks are now standard with the new sash window. The change corrected problems of the original sash windows.

The newer double glazed windows are meeting the requirements set out by the building department planning committee. Inert Argon gas is the insulation barrier between the glasses. This is environmentally safe and a benefit to the traditional style.

The choice is yours on modern materials or the wood version with new style double glazed panes. Both types of windows are practical. They will give your home a wonderful look as they add insulation for the hot and cold months of the year.

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