How to organize your home

Organizing a home can be hectic. Many people would want an organized home free of clutter and having enough space. However, the thought of how to do it and when to begin can be overwhelming. It is essential to stay organized to live comfortably and make your home a better place to be.

Whether it is your home office, your kitchen, living room or your bedroom, you need to keep them in order. Either moving in as a couple or by yourself, below are ways of organizing familiar places in your home.

Organizing your living room

  • Set up different areas

You need to set up different places in your living room depending on how you would like to use it. You can set up a place in your living room and use it for watching TV. Such a home should be designated with seats. You can also create another area for conversing and socializing with friends.

  • Buy enough seats

Get enough seats for your living room so that other people may not be forced to seat on the flow. Ensure that you have as many chairs as those of your dining table.

  • Install shelves

You might need to install ceiling shelves so that you can keep picture frames, books and other items that you are less likely to use. You can create shelves that hang down from the ceiling.

  • Create an adjustable table

Do you use your living room also as a dining space? Sometimes your family may wish to enjoy their meals as they watch TV and relax in the living room. If you do this sometimes, you need an adjustable table.

How to organize your kitchen


  • Declutter it

The first point of arranging your kitchen is getting rid of clutter. You may want to identify utensils that you no longer use. They might be blunt knives, extra dishes and cups and so on. You will find unique clutter in your kitchen. So long as you don’t use them, you can get rid of them by keeping them somewhere else.

  • Use the back of your cabinet door

Did you know that the space behind your cabinet doors goes wasted? Don’t leave that space blank. You can keep your cups and spoons there. You can also create a knife block at the back door.

  • Store food in the fridge well

Your fridge has different spaces meant for various foodstuffs. The upper area is intended for dairy stuff because it has a constant temperature. You can keep meat at the bottom because it is the coldest place and doesn’t get exposed to many leaks which might contaminate it.

  • Store items logically

Create a space for everything. For example, you can create page-board for hanging your pans. The page boards should have outlines around them. Make sure that you place items that you often use close to your reach.

  • Maximize your pantry space to see and reach everything

When you don’t see some stuff, you might forget to use them. You might want to group items in your pantry together. You can put tomato sauce next to pasta. If you have hard-to-stock can of food, you can use a magazine to create a can holder.

  • Get a thorough cleaning session

Kitchens are the where the most action happens and achieving adequate hygiene can be quite a challenge. That’s why a pre-tenancy cleaning service could do an amasing job with handling dirty and mildew throughout your near sink areas, outside and within fridge freezers, the kitchen island and more.

Organizing your bedroom


Organizing your bedroom might be a bit different with other areas because it has different contents. However, it might be advisable to remove everything out before sorting them out. At most times, your bedroom may be full of many clothes and shoes. Below is how you can go about it.

  • Get rid of clutter

Get rid of unwanted stuff by sorting them out. Clutter doesn’t mean that you only get rid of old and useless stuff. They might be useful things, but you don’t use them. You can donate the valuable stuff or sell them.

  • Hang bags or shelf them

You will notice that bags can take a significant amount of space in your room. Instead of keeping them somewhere down on the flow, you can hang them on the wall, and that will save a lot of space and make your room neater.

  • Hang with a plan

You need to hang your clothes depending on their category. Hang pants in one place, dresses in another place and colored shirts on another. Invest in high-quality hangers and try to avoid wired ones.

  • Fold your sweaters

While some people will find it better to hang their sweaters, folding them keeps them in excellent condition. If you hang them, they will lose their shape. You can fold them and put them on shelves. You can stack them on piles on each other but don’t let the collection be too high.

  • Keep your drawers tidy

Fold all the clothes in the drawers neatly and put everything according to how you need them. You might want to keep what you often use at an accessible place, e.g. pajamas and night dresses.

Avoid arranging your shirts vertically. Put them horizontally so that it can be easy for you to sort through the clothes. You can also get a drawer divider for items like belts, lingerie and socks.

  • Create a shoe storage space

You need to design shoe storage to fit your space. Shoe storage saves you from piling your shoes under the bed and having a hard time to get them when you need them.

You can create a shoe storage shelf and put each type of shoe on each shelf. You can also group the shoes, e.g. sandals, baby shoes together and sports shoes. It depends on the kind of shoes that you have, but ensure that you categorize them for easy accessibility.

Final takeaways

Home, an organization, is an essential task as it helps you stay at a comfortable place. Most people get rid of unwanted stuff when organizing their home and forget getting rid of other things that they don’t use. As much as they may be useful, if you don’t need them, don’t let them consume the space in your home. You can look for a storage company to help you keep them if you have nowhere else to store them.