Is a luxury kitchen right for you?

Whether you’re moving into a new home or remodelling your current one, choosing the right kitchen is an exciting time. Your kitchen needs to suit the rest of your house, create a relaxing atmosphere and, above all, have a functional layout. Your decision between a luxury kitchen or a high gloss kitchen or perhaps even a traditional kitchen will ultimately, come down to your wallet, but what can you afford?

A luxury kitchen – The selection of high end kitchens available now is huge. Full of high-tech appliances and futuristic gadgets there is no end to how modern you can go. However, aside from the all the exciting appliances you can fill it with, it is the finish that will really distinguish a luxury kitchen from a midrange one. From High Gloss Ebony to Glendevon White there are many finishes that can be utilised to create thoroughly modern feel and luxurious aesthetic.

High gloss kitchens – High gloss kitchens are a brilliant way to create a modern look to your home but they are also great for space. The reflective nature of the material means that light bounces of the surface and creates an illusion of airiness and room. High gloss kitchens are available in a wide range of colours so they can be created to complement a colour scheme or accentuate a feature.

Island kitchens – An island can be utilised in a luxury kitchen or simply a kitchen that has the space to accommodate it. An island kitchen is the perfect choice for creating an entertaining space where you can interact with guests and prepare food simultaneously.

Traditional style – The great thing about a traditional kitchen is that you can choose how much you spend on it. It can be a high end kitchen but equally, you can choose to spend a midrange amount on something that will look just as you imagined it. Traditional kitchens will usually feature wooden cabinets and glass fronted wall cabinets, the other big plus with a traditional style is that it will never look dated!

Contemporary style – Falling into the luxury kitchen category, a contemporary kitchen is usually sleek, streamlined and minimalistic. It is full of smooth finishes and the islands mentioned above fit perfectly into the surroundings and sometimes even feature a hot plate or large sink.

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