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High Gloss Kitchens And How To Choose Them

When it comes to kitchen designs a high gloss finish gives a sleek and contemporary feel whilst acting as a long term investment. High gloss kitchens can be created from a range of materials depending on your budget, function and desired look; however, the gloss should always look dazzling and spotless. The reason gloss has become so popular for kitchens is because of its fresh appearance and easy to clean surface. Perhaps take a look at the different materials’ properties below before deciding on your new kitchen.

High gloss laminate kitchens

High gloss kitchen units finished with laminate are manufactured by vacuum-forming a high gloss, partially-molten foil over two carefully moulded surfaces. The two pieces are then pressed and stuck together to form the shape. The popularity of laminate high gloss kitchen units is largely down to the fact that they are virtually maintenance-free, requiring only the occasional wipe down.

The further benefit of laminate high gloss is that the units retain their quality for many years, being very resistant to general wear and tear in comparison to other materials, they also offer endless choices of colour and texture. Light colours such as high gloss white used in floor to ceiling cabinetry can make a room optically larger, whereas high gloss black can be combined with Walnut, Zebrano or Light Oak for that truly stylish finish.

High gloss acrylic kitchens

Acrylic high gloss kitchen units give a great finish as they are solid all the way through so there is little risk of fading in colour or sparkle. Their thick frame means that if they suffer a chip or scrape the colour will remain, however, they are a more expensive option and if you are a watching your budget it may be a better idea to focus your kitchen around a lacquered high gloss finish instead.

High gloss lacquer kitchens

As apposed to the solid structure of acrylic high gloss, the lacquer option is made by layering a high gloss coloured lacquer spray over a unit frame. As the lacquer dries it creates an extremely hard wearing and durable finish. The result of this technique is a mirror finish gloss with an ultra smooth feel. A combination of lacquer with real or laminated wood creates a stunningly unique look that is near impossible to recreate.

High gloss glass kitchens

For the ultra modern look, glass is the perfect way to get both the high gloss and contemporary finish in one. Mixing it up with wood keeps a vintage look with a twist if you have a period property. The benefit of high gloss glass is its extra shiny appearance which can be of great value if your kitchen is small as it will create the illusion of space.

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