Covent Garden

Covent Garden – A place you can afford to live

Convent Garden can also be referred as one of the London’s most exciting and popular district. It is located in between Burroughs of Westminster and Camden. It is well known for its tourist population and numerous shopping malls. Although, it is a very attractive tourist spot and a busy shopping area, it also has beautiful residential complexes as well. People choose to live here as it is very close to several commute points.

Ex-local authority homes are very popular properties to buy or rent in this area. There are a huge number of ex-local authority homes in West End that make this place affordable for buying or renting homes for an average buyer. One of the popular West End estate agent states that there will be a 10-15% difference in terms of price between ex-local authority and other private buildings.

Covent Garden has a history back from 19th century. The homes here are basically storehouses converted into homes and penthouses. There are several Covent Garden flats for sale to fit every person’s budget. There are several new buildings and mansions for rent. Ex-local authority homes suit perfectly for any person’s budget. They may not look very appealing from outside but their price, location, access to transportation, low expenses make them attractive. The service charges of ex-local homes are much cheaper than the private buildings. These are the main reasons why buyers get attracted to ex-local homes. Also this place has several tourist spots and various things to do. This is the most happening place which has several art galleries, restaurants, bars, pubs, open air cafes, opera and other shops.

Ex-local authority homes are well worth the money spent, they offer competitive pricing when compared to private buildings. The average price per square feet of an ex-local authority home at the high end of Covent Garden is 1000 GB pounds where as a same sized private building costs 1300 GB pounds per sq.ft.

There are several reliable property specialists in West End who can show you the flats for sale in Covent Garden. If you want to live in the heart of London, the Covent Garden is the best place and with the help of agencies you can make your home search quick and easy. A popular estate agency is now in the process of marketing a single bedroom apartment in Tavistock Street. Its cost would be around 450.000 GB pounds, an approximate price of 980 GB pounds per sq.ft. It is located in an ex-local mansion block covered in red brick. Contact one of the agencies to find a home in Covent Garden and start living an exciting life.

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