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Central London, the Place for Property

According to investors, there are three very important things to consider when investing in property, and they are location, location, and location. London has several very good locations for investment property, both commercial and residential, but the market in London is a lot different than the rest of the country when it comes to this. There are several primary locations said to be the places for property and they are Britain, Kensington and Chelsea. The diversity and strength of London allows for them to do this kind of property investing.

It almost seems as though London would be considering building more retail and office spaces because the demand is so high. There are almost no vacancies in the buildings that are currently there. The only buildings that are currently empty are likely that way because they are in need of repairs, or refurbishing.

When times are tough, you can count on central London to still be doing well in the property market, during rough times. Rich foreigners are confident, they see London as a safe place to invest their money, because of the high demand for property. The English legal system has a very respectable system that takes care of peoples’ property rights. Other countries do not have the welcoming effect that Britain does, it makes people want to come here, and stay here.

Property is what it’s all about in London, so if you have a lot of money, bring it. The investment opportunities are here, for residential and commercial, and the financial institutions are ready for the business. In spite of the facts that the Land registry reported that priced dropped 1.8 percent in March. People are still looking for property, so I don’t think this is going to hurt the market.

Wealthy residents of France are using the expression of ‘voting with their feet’ by moving to Britain after the President of France, Francois Hollande was elected. It has been said there will be a 75% top rate income tax in France. This French election is going to greatly effect property in central London.

You can also look in the Marylebone district north of Oxford Street, or in other parts of the West End (primarily Hanover Square, Piccadilly and Regent Street) the City of London and on the South Bank near London Bridge station. There is high quality property to be found around Great Portland Street.

Now that the dust is beginning to settle after the crisis in the Euro zone we are seeing interest and activity levels starting to creep back up. There are a range of places to look. Carnaby Street, Chinatown, Covent Garden and Soho, these are great areas to buy, always busy and full of visitors. So, if you are looking for shops, restaurants and bars to buy in the central London area, there are many locations.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the summer Olympic Games and the resulting media attention is going to increase the world’s interest in one of its greatest cities.The fallout from the euro zone crisis will cause a lot of people to move their money to safe havens like London. Central London property prices are likely to rise strongly during the next couple of years.

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