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An insider’s guide to Fitzrovia flats for sale

West London has long been a dream destination for many moving into the city of London but more recently flats for sale in Fitzrovia have been the ultimate choice due to their excellent location and friendly neighbourhood. Offering a chance for many residents to walk to work, the popular area is a haven of bars, restaurants and cafes catering to all aspects of luxury life.

Converted flats for sale in Fitzrovia are a prime example of the kind of properties that are available in the district. Many of the flats are typically Georgian in style meaning that they utilise symmetrical layouts with stunning rectangular windows and capped with an elaborate crown supported by decorative pilasters. They have high ceilings and ooze traditional, period British glamour.

Although the old style flats in Fitzrovia are still highly sought after, new builds are continuing to be high sellers with stunning modern architecture displaying some thoroughly creative uses of space. A recently announced plan is set to transform the site of the old Middlesex Hospital in a lb750million scheme to create many new flats for sale in Fitzrovia. It is reported that the hospital’s original listed Victorian chapel will be preserved as part of the project, as well as the 250 top-end flats and 57 affordable homes for low-income buyers.

You will also find that the buyers in the area are from all walks of life and of a broad age range. Fitzrovia is an area that is inhabited by everyone from international students, to couples in the ’70s looking to retire in a safe and trusted London borough.  Having said this, the fair majority of inhabitants are in their late twenties and early thirties looking for the London life with the ease of transport links and green space.

Although property prices in W1 are higher than those further out of the city, Fitzrovia still presents an excellent investment opportunity. Many large development companies are investing heavily in the area to improve and refurbish the older buildings into new and unusual flats. The plans for the Middlesex Hospital site are a brilliant example of this and is bringing in fresh interest from other large companies with regards to other buildings and plots that could benefit from the same attention.

Fitzrovia is split between two councils; the east side is registered under Camden council whereas the west side is Westminster. As both areas are so central that transport is fantastic and cars are rarely needed as most things are either in walking distance or a short tube journey.

image credit - Wikimedia Commons

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