Storage Secrets to Help Boost your Property Value

Storage Secrets to Help Boost your Property Value

The most obvious ways of boosting property value include expensive interior renovations such as new kitchens or bathrooms, building extensions, or upgrading central heating or insulation. An often overlooked but equally valid way of boosting perceived value, and achieving a quicker, higher offer, is by presenting a home that’s optimised for space and storage. Sorting […]

draught free home

Tips for a draught free home

“Insulating your home is a great way of cutting down your heating bills and of reducing your carbon footprint”, says steel replacement specalists, You Choose Windows. Some jobs, such as cavity wall insulation, are best left to the professionals, but there are plenty of other things that you can do for yourself. All you have […]

Central London

An Increase in Demand for Flats to Rent in Bloomsbury

Flats for rent in Bloomsbury have recently been in demand due to the proposed increases in University fees over the next school year. Currently, nearly half the population of Bloomsbury is compromised of the important population of University students who are pursuing education and the academia that assists them in their pursuit. These individuals are […]

Acoustic glass

Box Sash Windows: Benefits With Acoustic Glass And Double Glazed Windows

Acoustic glass along with double glazing supplies heat, sound insulation, security and reduces condensation considerably. Various double glazed units have coloured seals or black seals. Acoustic glass drastically decreases external noise, particularly in nearby busy areas like main roads, airports and motorways. Acoustic glass is based on two or more sheets of glass, joined together […]